I don’t know why I suddenly remembered this incident today. I was just browsing Twitter and the same ol’ stories were there: personal lives, work lives, politics.  I’ve been kind of down on myself lately. Mostly since I gave my notice at work and my boss has become insufferable. It gets hard to not let…Continue Reading “Liar”


There’s something really validating when someone, who you’ve always known is horrible in her heart, directs her malice at you. It clears away any of the fog that may have been hanging over your situation until there’s nothing but intense clarity left.  I got a new job last week. Or, rather, I was offered a…Continue Reading “Scapegoat”

Nasty Habits

I have this terrible habit of being incredibly down on myself for reasons that are valid, but not very good. If I can’t achieve something I want quickly, I’ll get demotivated and wonder what the point of even doing it is. I know this is a ridiculous way to go about things. Good things take…Continue Reading “Nasty Habits”

Today, we talk about decisions. There’s something about making a decision – a final, official decision – that changes your entire perspective on things. Something that you love can take a complete 180 in your mind when you make a decision about it. At first, when I had finally decided to quit raiding, I was…Continue Reading “When the Magic’s Gone but You Must Go On”

Legendaries always sound like a cool idea, no matter what game you’re playing. Something “of legend” has to be badass and one of a kind, right? Well I guess not anymore. Legendaries aren’t a super special perk anymore. They’re an expectation. Even a requirement. For example, if you’re playing a Havoc Demon Hunter, your DPS…Continue Reading “A Departure, Part 4: Legendaries, Warforging, and Titanforging”