New Year, New Me, New Hate for People Who Say That

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Bearoness Butts herself (that’s me!) as depicted by my Guild Master, Mylie.

My old website of many, many years had an excellent run, but due to some unfortunate hackbots and major neglect on my end, it was simply unrecoverable and unusable. I took the opportunity to start anew and so here we are. I haven’t decided what this place is going to be used for quite yet, but probably mostly personal junk. I’m sorry if what I have to say isn’t very interesting. I do plan on making a post in the very near future going into more detail about my departure from hardcore raiding in WoW as I’ve had many people inquire and I can only explain it so well in 140 characters on Twitter.

However, everything in due time. For now I’ll be happy if I can just get this blog set up to a point where I’m happy with it.

I’ll be doing a giant dream post dump in the next couple of days so that I can host the recorded dreams that I was able to recover from my previous blog. I think they’re super interesting and I dream quite vividly and in great detail, so they’re nice to reflect on.

For now, I leave this first post at this.

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