A Departure, Part 2: Consumables

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This is the culmination of thousands of materials trying to get 3 star ranks.

After Draenor pretty much crashed the market on consumable mats with the introduction of garrisons, I don’t blame people for jumping on the opportunity to make a buck or two from highly sought after mats. We can’t just sit around and afk in our garrison and have enough mats for 20 pots an hour later. We have to go out and farm. And that’s totally fine. The farming of mats isn’t where consumables have gone awry. The recipe rank system is what’s artificially increasing the value of everything. When you can’t make things efficiently, the value of that mat for you skyrockets, and this is a game right now where crafting is almost exclusively up to chance in terms of raid materials (pots, flasks, food). It’s a shame because I actually really like the idea of some sort of rank system for crafting. It’s a nice little overhaul or achievement to strive for over just crafting things. But it’s not anything we have control over and that’s where the real problem lies.

I’ve spammed potions I don’t need just to get three star ranked to help out my guildmates who are overburdened with crafting for everyone else. At the end of the day, it just isn’t worth the cost in both time and gold to procure the mats it takes to three star into a consumable that you don’t need yourself. It’s hard enough to get everything you need for your own potions, let alone for another class you don’t play.

But I think my biggest problem lies with a profession that every single character is able to have.


Why? Why is this a thing? Why is the only control I have over learning how to cook simply no control at all? I’ve never once let Nomi’s work orders lapse. I have kept him well stocked with the finest of all sorts of different ingredients. I’ve tried spamming the same thing over and over, alternating, being random, everything. Yet it’s the same bullshit burnt food from the same bullshit Pandaran table of bullshit plates. You know what isn’t fun? Having absolutely no control over something you want to do. I want to have three stars in lots of cooking patterns. But I can’t even get three stars in the food that I use for raid. And I can even use two kinds relatively interchangeably.

This is the culmination of my cooking skills

Legion has been out for months and I still can’t craft my raid food at maximum efficiency. Why? Why is my character’s personal cooking ability being barred by a chef who is obviously not good? If I give him the materials for food and he’s already taught me how to make the two star rank of it, he sure as shit better be yielding me at least a little of that cooked food when I put in my work order instead of giving me burnt or slightly burnt food.

RNG is not fun. It’s never been fun. You might like it when it goes in your favor, but that doesn’t make it fun. So you mix some RNG in with something that can either make you tons of money or have you digging in your pockets for spare change, you’re bound to have a lot of people feeling really shitty.

I dunno. This is probably a lame “reason for quitting raiding,” but it’s just a small part that matters to me as my available free time dwindles and so, too, does my stash of gold that I accumulated last expansion. I lose money every raid night and I don’t have the time to make it back between raiding, AP grinding, M+ runs, and dailies.

Randomness isn’t a constant, fresh new stream of content. Randomness is bullshit.


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