A Departure, Part 3: Raid Tanking & Mythic+

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When I first heard about Mythic+, I was actually pretty pumped on the idea because of my experience with Greater Rifts in Diablo. It would give us something challenging to do when we were done clearing our raid content and still wanted to challenge ourselves with the game. It was cool, I was into that. But then gear was attached to it. The moment gear was attached to Mythic+ was the moment the fun was sucked right out of them because they now became a requirement for raiding. So now, instead of being something we could do at our leisure, they were added to our laundry list of chores for each lockout. Not only that, but you have to build your key (even if only once) just to get the loot level that you actually want.

Even with an ever-increasing ilvl cap on the loot you can get from M+, they become synonymous with every other grindy thing we have to do to stay competitive. They lose their air of fun. The only people doing them just for the challenge of doing them are the 10-15 guilds who have actually managed to clear the content with any time to spare. The game didn’t need another avenue of loot acquisition. Between regular Mythics, the natural progression of raids (remember that? remember how you’re supposed to work your way up to the hardest content by doing the easier content first?), crafted gear, and RNG (more on WF/TF/Legendaries next time), we didn’t need more gearing options. Especially when those options hold some of the best pieces of loot for some specs.

tl;dr – M+ feels like a chore and had the fun squeezed out of its dry crusty corpse.

Raid Tanking

I haven’t had fun tanking in a while.

Let’s rephrase that.

I enjoy tanking. I love the role, I love the way my Guardian Druid plays, I love a lot of the tank balancing they’ve been working on. Solid, A+.

But all of that just feel like a consolation prize for the very boring mechanics we have to deal with on most fights. Maybe I’m asking for the impossible; maybe it’s not possible to maintain the definition of the tanking role with vastly different mechanics. But isn’t it worth a try? The current tank meta is boring. They promised more engaging fights for tanks, but it never happened. They made some pretty damaging tank fights but in the end, that’s just you doing your job well. There aren’t any unique mechanics for us. And I get that it’s hard to make something unique for us to do if our ultimate job is to hold threat on things so they don’t hit other people. But surely there is a creative mind out there who can think of something?

I dunno. Maybe what I need out of my role just isn’t something that an MMO can deliver. Who knows. It just feels like we’re falling back into “swap at X stacks” or “stack on your co-tank for heavy handed” all over again. This isn’t new. My favorite tank fight has and probably always will be Will of the Emperor because we always had something to do. It was important – game changing – that we got the dance right. It was about more than just not dying. And that’s what I wish raid tanking was right now: more than just not dying (and doing DPS I guess, but that’s not really part of the conversation right now).

This isn’t actually a huge make or break part of me quitting raiding, but it is something that’s bothered me for quite a while and I feel like it’s worth acknowledging.

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