A Departure, Part 4: Legendaries, Warforging, and Titanforging

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Legendaries always sound like a cool idea, no matter what game you’re playing. Something “of legend” has to be badass and one of a kind, right? Well I guess not anymore. Legendaries aren’t a super special perk anymore. They’re an expectation. Even a requirement. For example, if you’re playing a Havoc Demon Hunter, your DPS will be worse than one with the “proper” legendaries. Similar cases ring true for many DPS classes.

Let’s just absorb that for a moment.

Proper legendaries. The right legendaries. That there are legendaries that can even begin to be considered wrong is mind-boggling. And I think that’s where the legendary system is failing. To have this many legendaries in game, the special abilities on them shouldn’t have any significant impact on play at all. The second they do, they fall into the same category as “that one OP trinket that every caster needs to do maximum DPS.” They’re literally no different. Just another piece of broken gear that everyone wants but needs good luck to get. I would have liked to see legendaries give more flavor than practical use. Let their “special combat bonus” come from higher stats on them. Sure, you can then argue that some will still be better than others because of the correct stats being present,  but it isn’t nearly as game-breaking.

I’m disappointed with the legendary system, to say the least. And I think a lot of people are. It causes resentment among players when one person gets Sephuz’s and another gets Elize’s. It’s another thing driving people apart and that’s not cool.

Warforging and Titanforging fall along a similar spectrum except the biggest problem with these systems is they are way too goddamn common. It has gotten to the point where we expect an item to proc WF nearly 100% of the time. TF was supposed to be some super rare phenomenon but I see it all the time. In my standard gear set up on my druid, I wear a total of three gear items that are not WF or TF at all. Every other item WF up and a handful TF. And this is from someone who did not do any sort of split runs, did not spam M+ until my brain was mush, and did not raid all four raid difficulties every single week.

When we get conditioned to gear proccing up so often, getting a normal 880 from Mythic EN feels bad. It feels bad. It shouldn’t feel bad. Normal loot should feel normal and expected. We should be happy with it and exceptionally happy when it procs.

I would honestly love to see the TF system done away with and the WF system reworked to happen much less frequently and offer only 5-10 ilvls higher than the item’s base level, similar to its original design.

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