A Departure, Part 5: Community

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I’m not a very touchy person. I like to think I can take constructive criticism fairly well. If someone insults me, I don’t generally let it get to me. There’s no point in feeding into someone’s desire to hurt you because you’re only doing them a favour. Personal attacks against me are pretty pointless. They may hurt, but I will persevere and you will likely never know.

But there’s been a gradual decay in the civility of the WoW community that’s becoming unbearable. People are being shitty to each other for what seems like no other reason than to be shitty to each other. Instead of pooling resources to really find out what’s best for classes, there are like… duelling TCs where one school of thought can’t agree with the other and instead of talking out the differing math, someone just ends up insulting the other.

There are multiple Discord servers for the same thing because people in server A don’t get along with the people in server B.

High end raid teams shittalk each other instead of having basic sportsmanship.

If someone’s DPS is low in a dungeon or LFR, they get mocked or insulted instead of offered help – even something as simple as linking them to a website with guides that may or may not help them. I think you’ll find that if you try to help someone who seems to be having trouble playing their class correctly, you will very rarely be met with resistance. People like feeling good about their characters and their performance no matter what content they’re in. People like feeling worthy of receiving help from other people, especially someone who is performing at a higher level than them.

People with dedicated raid teams are not better than people who exclusively do LFR. Doing higher content may mean you are a better or more skilled player, but it doesn’t mean you’re a better person. Nobody has the right to look down on someone doing easier content. Nobody has the right to look down on someone not performing as well as you in harder content. At least that person has the courage to step out of what is likely their comfort zone to try.

Struggling players aren’t doomed to failure. Sometimes they just need a little help. And that’s okay. But the problem is that the community as a whole is growing less and less likely to offer that help. They’d rather insult or reply to questions with shitty troll bullshit and it’s infuriating.

I started writing Mythic raid guides for Guardians because I was already helping people with boss knowledge in some capacity and I like helping people play better. It brings me joy to know that someone is learning from my experience, no matter how much or little it may do for them.

Contrarily, I raid high end because, yes, I like to kill bosses. But I also like to compete. I like to congratulate my fellow guilds when they beat me to a kill and I like to be congratulated when I do the same. Camaraderie is rewarding. Camaraderie builds strong relationships that could change your life. By burning those bridges and being a general shit human, you are losing so many potential opportunities for good change in your life and it’s woefully unfortunate.

I wish the WoW community would steer itself back to being a community instead of a war zone.

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