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I guess 2016 ended pretty eventfully with the end of my WoW raiding career… and the beginning of my engagement to Kyle.

My roommate and best friend, Shay, said earlier in the week that she had paid for an escape room for the house family that was in town for New Year’s Eve as a NYE gift to the house.

Kyle had to work until 3pm on NYE and our room was booked for 4, so he met us there after work. He actually left work early to set up the escape room with the ring and pay and everything. I had asked him to pick me up some Advil on his way there, so he left after to pick up Advil so it looked like he hadn’t left work early (I get phone notifications when we use our Visa).

The escape room was the six of us being divided into four cells that we had to escape and then find and open a trap door to the second room (where the ring was). The game master came in and helped us at some point without being asked because we were struggling a lot and he needed to make sure that we made it to the second room. I didn’t really catch on to this.

Eventually we found our way to the second room and they made me go in first. I walked in and there was like half a mummified body in a glass case with a bunch of fake candles on top surrounding the ring. I picked it up thinking it was a prop. I opened it, saw the ring,  still didn’t clue in and started to put it back, still thinking it was a prop. Before I could, Kyle came up behind me and asked me to marry him. I, naturally, wasn’t sure if he was trolling me, so I asked him if he was serious like 20 times, asked my roommates if he was serious, then proceeded to cry once I determined he was serious.

And now I am engaged and have to figure out how and when to get married. So I guess good thing I’m not raiding anymore ’cause my life just got a whole lot busier.



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