There’s something really validating when someone, who you’ve always known is horrible in her heart, directs her malice at you. It clears away any of the fog that may have been hanging over your situation until there’s nothing but intense clarity left. 

I got a new job last week. Or, rather, I was offered a new job and was gifted with a position where I could provide six weeks of notice to Diane. I’ll be a personal assistant for the owner of a swimming instruction and aquafit company. It’s grown considerably over the past several years and she’s working on expansion. The pay is equivalent to what I make now with two pay increases by May. In the future, she hopes to have me manage a team of assistants so that she can take a few steps back from running the company and focus on her family. It’s a good opportunity with a good future. It’s a job that completely sheds the shipping career. I am finally free from entry level, dead end, bullshit “careers.” I’m finally going to have the opportunity to maybe go somewhere. Maybe not quickly, but it’s there. 

I gave Diane six weeks of notice. Even though I know her personality and I know how she reacts to things, somewhere deep down I thought she was still capable of being reasonable. Because, surely, there is no way that a person can be unreasonable in everything. Of course, I’m wrong. 

I instantly became the cause of the office problems. 

Diane told my coworker (“T”) in an email that she was happy I was leaving because she always felt that I was the reason her relationship with T was poor. Because T and I communicate a lot on the office messenger system, D’s relationship with T deteriorated. Having an open line of communication between employees is something Diane considers dangerous. She’s so insecure as a human that she needs to control everything. She thinks that if she doesn’t, the things out of her control will exist specifically to spite her. She doesn’t see the good in anyone or anything. Everything everywhere is out to get her and her alone. So when T also put her notice in, Diane needed a reason. For her, the reason was that their relationship had deteriorated to a point that was unbearable for T and the reason that it had deteriorated was because of the newest factor: me. This preserves her vision of herself as a victim and gives her an easy out. 

She held a meeting with T on Friday where she apparently badmouthed several things, including T and me. She offered T more money to stay and made sure to mention that she wouldn’t be offering me the same. 

It’s really comforting in a way. I’m comforted to know that I’m leaving someone so completely toxic behind. I felt bad when I left Lordco because my boss treated me with respect and we enjoyed each other. But I feel absolutely no remorse for leaving her. I gave her six weeks of notice in a polite and professional way, something she doesn’t deserve in the slightest, and she chose to lay the blame for her entire situation on me. 

But y’know?

That’s okay. 

Five more weeks and I’m outta there. 

I’m gonna leave this past year behind me. I’m gonna cut ties with Diane and be thankful for the friendships I’ve made with my other coworkers. And that’s that. 

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