The Prince of Nothing

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I recently finally played through Final Fantasy XV. It kind of left me feeling pretty… unfulfilled. (I think this is spoiler-free?)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good, sad story. Like… the saddest story you can find, I’m down with that. So I had some high hopes for this game. I’ll give credit where credit is due – parts of the story were dreadfully sad. And it was great. But I don’t feel like the characters reacted appropriately. Noct was pretty sad about certain things, and that’s fine, but I feel like they missed a golden opportunity for some really good character development.

I wanted more interaction between Noct and Luna in the game. I think I understand what they were going for with the level of interaction they decided to go with, but it felt really empty to me. I think there could have been a bigger emotional response from players if they developed their relationship more. And the way the team handles their relationship is… weird. Like they acknowledge that it’s a thing but don’t seem to have much empathy toward it? I get the duty over feelings part, but… I dunno.

I also don’t like how they intentionally left parts of the story out to be included in DLC later. Whether they did it with the intent of introducing content via DLC later, or they just didn’t include it and thought it would be fine and decided to fix it by introducing it through DLC later, I’m not sure. Both are stupid. I wanted to play a complete game and they didn’t really give me that. And considering all the years we had to wait for it, that seems a little silly.

However, the game was not bad. I still enjoyed it a great deal. I kind of got lost in the sidequests, which made me feel like there wasn’t much story at all. I haven’t decided if that’s the actual case yet. I’m going to do a new game plus once I finish all the optional things and just b-line the story to see if it feels better without getting bogged down by all the extra stuff, but I’m not sure. I’m skeptical. Whenever I think about it, there really wasn’t that much story or story development. I’m hoping my second playthrough changes my mind.

**I am aware they patched the game to fill in some plot holes for Chapter 13 and stufff**

Still waiting to play a Final Fantasy that brings back that feeling of an epic fantasy story. Here’s hoping XVI delivers? Assuming it releases before I die of old age.

On the plus side, Persona 5 comes out this week. :3!

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